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Non NHS Services

Updated on 7th June 2013 at 11:07 am


Most of the services we provide at the Practice are NHS services and are funded by our NHS contract. However, some services are not and do incur a private charge.


These include medicals, insurance reports, some vaccinations, some letters or certificates and others. The fees charged reflect both the professional opinion of the doctor and the costs to the practice in time and consumables.





 Certificates and forms *payment in advance                                                                     

Private sick note / Private letter £30.00

Endorsing photograph (e.g. passport, shotgun license) £30.00

Holiday cancellation certificate £30.00


Medical examinations                                                                                             

Including DVLA, HGV, taxi medicals, etc. £100.00


Reports for Employers, Solicitors, Insurance Companies etc. 

Insurance Reports *payment in advance £120.00

DLA/PIP £33.50

ESA No Charge

DVLA £40


Travel abroad

Private prescription for drugs £30.00

Vaccination certificate £30.00

Fitness to travel certificate £30.00

Holiday cancellation certificate £30.00

Hepatitis A injection No Charge

Hepatitis B junior injection No Charge

Hepatitis B (3 injections per course, cost per injection) £40.00

Rabies (3 injections per course, cost per injection) £50.00

Meningitis A & C, per injection £55.00

Typhoid injection £30.00

Hepatitis A + Typhoid injection £80.00

Hepatitis A + Hepatitis B injection £70.00

Tick borne Encephalitis injection £70.00

Japanese B Encephalitis injection £80.00

Cholera injection £55.00

Anti-Malaria £20.00