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Updated on 14th December 2012 at 11:42 am


Maternity Care

Full antenatal and postnatal care services are available. The antenatal clinic is every Tuesday 1.30pm – 3.30pm by appointment.

Child Health

The clinic, which is run by the doctor, practice nurse and health visitor, is intended to provide complete health care for your child from birth to five years. This includes immunisations, developmental checks and general advice. It is important that your children are fully immunised against all childhood diseases. You will be sent a reminder when an injection is due. If you are unable to attend the appointment given, please contact us and we will organise another appointment.
Every Thursday morning at the surgery.

Chronic Diseases

We provide comprehensive care for those suffering from chronic diseases, eg diabetes, asthma, coronary heart disease etc. Please make an appointment with the practice nurse.

Family Planning Care

The practice provides a comprehensive, confidential family planning service including:

• prescribing oral contraception (the pill) and giving the contraceptive injection.

  • long Acting Reversible Contraception – (Coils)
    • prescribing emergency contraception – please arrange to see a doctor or nurse as soon as possible if you require this.

Cervical Smears

We recommend that smears are taken every five years between the ages of 25 and 65 (unless advised otherwise). This will be carried out by the practice nurse or female GP.

Minor Surgery

The doctors hold regular sessions for the treatment and removal of small cysts, moles and warts.


We have a practice-based counselling service that your doctor can you refer you to. Appointments can also be made with the doctor.

Patients 75 Years and Over

If you are 75 years of age or over, you should be seen annually, either by your doctor, the practice nurse or the district nurse. This can be arranged at the surgery or, if that is not possible, a home visit will be arranged.

Foreign Travel

If you are travelling abroad you may require immunisations. Please make an appointment with the practice nurse well before you are due to travel. Not all vaccines are available on the NHS, a charge will be made for non funded vaccines.

Flu Vaccinations

An influenza vaccination is particularly recommended for patients with heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes and residents of nursing and rest homes.

Well Persons’ Examinations

If you would like a health check, including a urine test (diabetes screening), recording your blood pressure, height, weight etc, please make an appointment with the practice nurse. The well persons’ examination also includes a risk assessment for coronary heart disease.

Diabetes Dietician

Once per month by appointment.

Cardiac Dietician

Once per month by appointment.


This service is provided for diabetic patients and is available to some other patients.
Friday 1.15pm – 4.00pm by appointment.

Coronary Heart Disease Nurse

Once per month by appointment.